I highly recommend Megan’s service. My two girls have thrived since starting a term and a half ago.The team are absolutely amazing and supportive offering support, expertise, compassion and inclusiveness. My eldest daughter lost motivation for learning which was sad as she loved school and loved learning. Since coming to Flourish, she looks forward to each week and comes away with so much enthusiasm and a happy spark.

My other daughter is working at 2 years below and Lee her tutor has been amazing for her. The small group was scary for my girl and Lee’s teaching methods and learning environment has eased her anxiety so much from the point of her not wanting to even go, to halfway through last term wanting to attend another 2 sessions which is enormous for her.Each session she comes away with enthusiasm to tell me the things she’s learnt instead of “I can’t remember”. Megan has an understanding of family situations and for myself she was so accommodating and patient with fees and at no time was I ever made to feel it was more about money than children’s needs. THANKYOU!
Thankyou Flourish and team…forever grateful.