The Flourish Team


Megan is the Founder and Director of Flourish Education Services. She has been teaching in a variety of education settings since 2004 and has operated her own small business since 2013. Megan holds a Bachelor of Education and a Masters in Learning and Development. Megan established Flourish to better support children with diverse needs and allow opportunities for all children to build on their strengths. She is most passionate about social justice and inclusion and is committed to providing innovative community participation and capacity building programs for young people of all ages.

Megan is a teacher and consultant who thrives on the challenge of creating personalised learning and development pathways. She is most passionate about reaching young people who have disengaged from learning and those who have had difficulties accessing traditional settings due to Trauma, Anxiety, Autism and Dyslexia. Megan’s favourite subject to teach is Mathematics.


Originally from the Sunshine Coast, Michelle has called the Gold Coast home for the last 20 years. She brings experience from a variety of positions in different fields of employment but teaching is her happy place. Having taught in high schools and external education programs on the Gold Coast, Michelle’s passion lies in working with all ages in smaller groups, assisting those in need.


Tim has been a high school science teacher for nearly 25 years.  He teaches Chemistry, Biology and Marine Science up to Year 12 plus General Science and French to the Junior Years.  His real strength as a teacher is being able to take a complicated idea and break it down into simple bite-sized chunks.  This helps students digest and process ideas that they just couldn’t grasp beforehand.  When he is not teaching, he spends his time surfing, building wooden boats and restoring or riding old motorbikes.  He is also a wiz on a Mac but don’t even ask him to turn on a PC.


Elyse is an experienced Primary and Inclusive Education Teacher. She believes individualised learning cultivates confidence and leads to a love of lifelong learning success. One of her favourite aspects of teaching is developing and maintaining positive relationships with students so they can trust and have confidence in our collaborative learning space. The areas she enjoys teaching most are; mathematics and reading comprehension.


Jack is our newest recruit, our resident student teacher and Drama extraordinaire. Soon to graduate, we hope to keep him on at Flourish as long as we can. Jack offers a weekly homeschool drama class and assists with our homeschool Math, English and History groups. He is an absolute natural who brings lots of fun and laughter to Flourish.


Renae is a professionally accredited and experienced Art Therapist who has worked as a Mental health professional for over four years. She is registered with ANZACATA. Renae joined the Flourish Team in 2020 and is available by appointment at our Tugun centre.


Lee is a mother of four and a grandmother of two. She has extensive experience teaching in primary schools in Victoria, especially in the early years. She has taught all grade levels with her most recent experience in a Prep/1 classroom. Lee has been a part of the Flourish team since 2018. She is passionate about helping the many children who struggle in the classroom and enjoys giving them the time and individual support they need. For Lee, the most rewarding part of teaching is watching a child’s face light up as they say, ”I get it!” Lee enjoys the challenge of finding new ways to explain concepts that children don’t grasp straight away.