Private Tutoring Gold Coast

Private tutoring on the Gold Coast is very popular with many modern families. Once exclusively for the richer members of society who wanted their children to have a competitive edge and excel or learn special subjects. Today it’s becoming more widespread and used to complement traditional education.

Many students find it difficult to get the individual attention they really need in large classrooms so private tutoring on the Gold Coast is a good option.

Many parents now take a larger responsibility for their children’s education to enable them to achieve their required literacy goals. Parents no longer leave it up to schools to provide for all their children’s needs, they believe the level of education provided by the state in most public schools, is just not good enough to meet their children’s educational needs. Private tutoring on the Gold Coast is more about filling the gaps that inevitably occur in most pupils schooling such as:

· Improving literacy, reading, writing and spelling

· Comprehension or their overall understand about given topics

· Math’s especially tables, multiplication and division

· Other academic problems that may be temporary or ongoing. As way to stimulate a student’s interest in their subjects

· To build a working relationship between students and teachers

The learning problems faced by many students are not confined to public schools but can also be found in Catholic and other independent schools.

Tutoring is often used in cases where students have missed school time because of illness, injury, medical problems, family difficulties or traveling. Being in remote or difficult to access locations can also make it hard for some students to keep up with their studies.

Why do parents seek and pay for their children’s tutoring?

The private tutoring market on The Gold Coast offers parents a variety of options, these include:

· Help with Homework and assignments

· Test or exam preparation and coaching

· Extra instruction in reading and writing

· Building of confidence is a major issue with many students

Often students can have a problem with a specific area or knowledge gap that needs to be addressed. Other students need help with a variety of issues and an overall educational make over.

Sometimes a student’s grades can start to fall with no apparent reason, a tutor will be able to help and work out the reason and provide a suitable solution. This is often just a short turn problem that can be rectified by restoring student confidence in themselves.

Another area where private tutoring is important on the Gold Coast is with students who have been diagnosed with a learning difficulty. Some of these are dyslexia, which often affects a person’s ability to read accurately or dysgraphia a person’s ability to write in a coherent way, Autism and ADHD or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.

In many schools they are understaffed and most teachers just do not have the time or ability to give enough personalised individual attention to students with special needs. This means that these pupils are always struggling to keep up and understand the lessons in each class they attend.

Having their own private tutoring on The Gold Coast can make all the difference between students with special needs finding a higher quality of life and not missing out on opportunities because of their disabilities.

Other parents elect to engage private tutoring services as a way of ensuring their children are able and prepared to take entrance exams to schools or colleges they have selected or for scholarships to prestigious institutions.

The future of private tutoring on The Gold Coast

Private tutoring will always be used by many parents as a way to give their children hyper-competitive edge over others, but it is increasingly being used by parents of a way of just improving their educational experiences. Tutor’s help bring a higher level of understanding to students, which add to their enjoyment and interest in their studies, optimising their overall experience and achievement.

Happy students are much more inclined to be more interested and receptive to the broader aspects of their education and be able to become all round achievers.

This is a much more responsible approach to education than has been generally accepted in the past. It’s probably related to more open views of parents, the more affluent society we now live in and peoples overall understanding of the importance of having a good overall education.

If you think your children are in need of private tutoring on the Gold Coast it’s best to first talk with your children’s existing teachers or the school guidance officer as they are the ones who may be able to help you.

It’s important that you find the right tutor that suits and can relate to your child. Some children will find it difficult to respond positively to tutoring. Rather than try to find someone who is highly qualified, it’s often better to look for a tutor who can relate and communicate with your child. That way they are more likely to build a good working relationship.

Utilise the school resources that are available to you and your child to help your child’s learning.

Most schools already have extra learning resources that are designed to benefit your child, but it is up to the parents to investigate, find and start the process going.

Ask your children’s teachers if they are aware of any learning difficulties your children have and what should be done about them. They are ideally situated to be able to advise you on the best way to proceed.

Find out if your child’s learning difficulties are in one particular area or subject or are they of a more general nature. Often the schools guidance officer will also be able to help you with counselling services so they can identify the different areas and barriers that have developed.

Ask just what things the school can do to help you and your child with their future learning and can they recommend a private tutoring service on the Gold Coast that will suit your child’s needs.

Individual tuition is available at Tugun on the Southern end of the Gold Coast Monday to Thursday from 8am until 6:30pm and Saturday 8-10am. We also have teachers who can come to you and offer tuition in the comfort of your home. For more details call 0434 594 764 or email us at [email protected]