Primary School Tutoring Gold Coast

Today’s primary schools are designed to accommodate a wide range of learning capabilities. They usually have programs designed to find and help students with academic problems at an early stage. Many parents will seek primary school tutoring on the Gold Coast if their child has fallen behind or is struggling in a specific or particular area.

Because children come from a wide variety of backgrounds and ethnic groups, it can take a while for individuals to grasp the essence of their school curriculum.

Sometimes there are language differences that pose difficulties, other students may have missed some schooling and not learnt a few of the basic concepts taught in specific areas.

Usually, your child’s teacher will inform you of any problems, so you are in a position to do something. Often these can be dealt within the school system or by the use of one of the primary school tutoring specialists on The Gold Coast.

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Primary School Tutor

Before you, as a parent decide to hire a primary level tutor it’s important that you talk with your child’s teacher and the school guidance officer. It’s also vital that your child knows and understand what is happening and the reason you feel the need to engage a tutor for them. Your child needs to feel comfortable with the arrangement and embrace the tutoring.

All children develop at different times and levels and sometimes they just need a little more time to adjust to new situations. It’s very important that everything is kept on a positive level and they’re not made to feel inferior or that they have disappointed you.

Some educational experts as well as concerned parents suggest that giving students extra academic tutoring that is coping well with the level they are in can be detrimental because:

·         Tutoring to help a student keep up with the current levels in their classes are beneficial, but if the tutoring means that the student is ahead of the rest of the class it could lead to that student becoming bored which is likely to lead to disruptive behavior

·         At primary school age kids need  a less ridged arrangement and tutoring can cause them to be over-scheduled and regimented

·         It can place a lot of pressure on them to maintain a higher academic level than they would otherwise have, leading to stress-reducing the pleasure they should have in learning

·         The school curriculum is structured to help in their personal development and adding a tutoring schedule could cause student confusion and some frustration

·         Primary school is about learning the basics, but that also includes important areas such as physical activity and socialization. Tutoring usually focus only on academic activities

The positive side of Engaging a Primary School Tutor on The Gold Coast

There recently have been reports that the Australian education system has been failing our kids and leaving many of them behind. The school curriculum is becoming more academically rigorous and social and personals kills are reducing. This has resulted in a huge demand for quality, private, primary school tutoring specialists on the Gold Coast and in other areas.

The areas that primary tutors can help students with are:

·         The basic understanding of the curriculum they are being taught as many students just do not understand the basic materials they are being taught. This causes them to lose interest in their lessons, not pay attention and become disengaged with their studies

·         Because teachers are under a lot of pressure to get through the workload that they are required to teach. There is more paperwork and a lot more testing, which results in there being less time spent in the classroom, so less time for teachers to really get to know their students

·         Because the teachers have little time to get to know individual students, those with health challenges, including things like depression and anxiety issues are often misdiagnosed as learning difficulties

·         Because many teachers are struggling to keep up with the demands and pressures of their jobs they are unable to give emotional, personal and educational support adequately to their students, especially with 25 plus students in each class

·         There are an increasing number of gaps in many students learning abilities and these are extremely difficult to identify

·         People are very good at compensating for their difficulties, so many students who appear confident and capable are not detected in the classroom, but can easily be helped in a one on one situation such as private tutoring

·         There is a new trend to use computer technology in schools which is very important, but it allows for many gaps in learning abilities that using a pen and paper cover, especially in maths

·         Often students appear to be able to read, but they are in fact, just memorising text to a large extent so this learning disability can go undetected

Private primary school tutoring on the Gold Coast is a great way to identify learning gaps and disabilities as well as being one of the best ways to resolve many of these issues. It also provides the personalised attention your child needs to build confidence in themselves so they are able to perform and take advantage of all the opportunities their school and teachers have to offer

Their tutor as they are operating on a one to one basis will quickly pick upon the areas they need to improve on and fill in the gaps. This will give your child a full and comprehensive understanding of what is going on in the classroom. It’s often the little things that can easily be missed in a classroom situation that can make all the difference.

Your child’s tutor will be able to identify areas that can cause your child difficulties in the classroom and those that could be a symptom of a specific type of learning difficulty in maths, reading or writing which are known to affect up to 10% of all students.

Our primary school tutoring program in gold coast provides an inclusive environment that caters for individual needs and considers the development of the whole child. For more details call us on 0434 594 764 or email us at [email protected]