Innovative Community Participation

Innovative Community Participation Facilities on the Gold Coast involve a comprehensive consumer and community engagement strategy where Gold Coast Health recognises the importance of the involvement of all areas of the community and their consumers to create a better healthcare service that allows for:

·         The creation of better-planned services, more suited and designed specifically to cater for the needs of those people using them

·         Helping to work towards Gold Coast Health’s vision of being a center of excellence

·         To continuously improve the overall accessibility, safety and quality of all health services

·         To gather local feedback about initiatives, services, programs and reforms

·         To empower the local communities so they are easily able to be involved in all service planning including its design and delivery

Innovative Community Participation and engagement can take many forms on many levels to involve community services and groups in key planning activities that directly relate to and provide service provisions and activities for individual patients through to the Executive Team and The Board.

This also includes ensuring that the community is kept fully informed about all aspects, improvements, changes and other activities at Gold Coast Health

Gold Coast Health Community and Consumer Engagement Strategy 2017 to 2018

Operating over 20 facilities, Gold Coast Health is now one of Australia’s fastest-growing health services. They provide a large range of services to over 555,000 people living in their area or region. The Gold Coast University Hospital also caters for many people who live in Northern New South Wales as it’s their nearest tertiary care unit.

The community living on the Gold Coast is made up of a very diverse range of people from different cultures, of different ages and socio-economic status with varying health needs.

Gold Coast Health values Innovative Community Participation and provides facilities to make it easier for the community members, health workers and their customers to engage with them to help deliver the best possible patient-centred care, allowing them to fulfill their vision of being a leading and world class healthcare provider, both now and for the future.

Innovative Community Participation Facilities

The Board of Gold Coast Health recognises that by involving consumers and community members in the decisions they make regarding health services it contributes to a better overall health service for the community as well as a better system by:

·         Creating a more effective and accessible health service for everyone

·         Developing models of service and care that truly reflect the community’s needs

·         Providing an open and transparent health care service from the perspective of the consumer

·         Innovative Community Participation ensures that Gold Coast Health is and remains responsive to the changing needs of the people it serves

·         Creating a larger and more representative Consumer Based Advisory Group, chair on the Board to assist with accelerating further benefits of patient-centred care with better lines of communication throughout the general community

By encouraging more open working relationships with everyone in the health industry, the community at large and learning from each other we can ultimately have a better healthcare system and outcomes for all.

The 2017 to 2019 Community Engagement Strategy

How the public and health workers can engage with Gold Coast Health:

·         Join with the local Consumer Advisory Group as vacancies occur

·         Join and participate in community surveys

·         Provide direct feedback regarding your care to Gold Coast Health

·         Filling out and submitting a feedback form

·         Attend all or any events that are sponsored or hosted by Gold Coast Health or their partners

·         Connect with Gold Coast on social media

·         View the Gold Coast Health Website and subscribe to the newsletter

Gold Coast Health uses innovative Community participation around the Gold Coast to work with the community and consumers to implement the following:

·         Ensuring patients are treated in a timely way and have equal access to all health services

·         To involve the wider community and the local consumer Advisory groups in the planning, development, delivery and to assess it’s services

·         To simplify and develop programs designed to be easily understood by all Gold Coast Health customers allowing them to make informed decisions regarding their health care

·         Improve the cultural competency levels of all staff

·         To deliver efficient safe and effective health services in an easily sustainable manner

·         To promote public awareness of health issues and preventative measures

·         To form and strengthen relationships between different types of key businesses leaders and organisations involved with public health

·         To publish regular updates on all issues and progress reports on developments regarding this plan as well as positive stories about Gold Coast Health innovative community participation projects

·         To participate in a wide range of activities that are beneficial to all members of the community

The Gold Coast Health Innovative Community Participation Facilities have been developed to provide the best possible service for the community.

We facilitate innovative community participation and capacity building programs and offer respite services.

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